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Tribute Gifts

Honoring Loved Ones

Contributing to a worthwhile cause can be a deeply gratifying way to make someone’s memory live on or to honor someone for a special occasion. Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes offer supporters the opportunity to honor friends and loved ones through Tribute Gifts. In addition to memorializing the passing of a loved one, we also offer a thoughtful way to honor someone special. Occasions to recognize those special people in your life include: birthday, anniversary, or get well. The process is simple, yet meaningful:

  1. You contribute a gift in the name of a dear friend – deceased or living, in memory or in honor of a special event.
  2. An attractive card is forwarded to the family or friend notifying them of your gift, but not the amount.
  3. Acknowledgement and receipt are forwarded to you, and the honoree’s name is printed alongside yours in the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association publication The Georgia Sheriff.

Please make your tax-deductible Tribute contribution online, or complete and mail the printer-friendly donation form.  

The special acknowledgement card is sent immediately.

All contributions to the Tribute Gifts Program will be used to fund higher education – college or technical school – for Youth Homes residents upon completion of high school. These donation may also be used for capital improvements at Youth Homes’ five campuses.

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